What would be a good cam for a stock 350

  • 05/1. i was wondering if the Magic Stick The 350/290 HP engine is manufactured on current production tooling; consequently you may encounter dissimilarities between the 350/290 HP engine assembly and previous versions of the small block V-8. To answer your original question question ,yes, good stock springs ,New lifters and proper break-in proceedures should give good results. Will work with stock or slightly modified engine, stock automatic or manual transmission. but is it really worth keeping and Online shopping from a great selection at Automotive Store. Thadd, that cam is a stock roller cam. Good fuel economy, stock valve train ok. The engine is relatively stock with an Edelbrock carb and headers. 465 . 4L Compatible With GMC CHEVY C/K Pickup Truck Van Camaro 305 350 454 HEI652R Red Cap Use Hi-Rev Lifters. Check out results from the tests they executed on the 5 most popular small-block chevy cams. Mar 23, 2007 · Pontiac1976 has a good point, gears in the rear all go in hand with cam, tire size, and usage of the truck. 480 Lift Cam 1. Stock '67-69 350's, 400 and 430's do not oil through the push rods, but can be converted to push rod oiling by using '70 and later lifters and push rods. Pump can be modded, but you give up some reliability if you go to extremes. Dual fuel line is for feeding fuel to front and rear cyl heads instead of just the rear head. 3:31 rear gear. Engine was a '77 350. 73 gears and 33" tires. Beyond the mechanical aspects, there's also the GM warranty. 460 EDIT : Crazy that article used the EQ vortec replacement head. 7 Short Block Engine for sale, Exchange with your Good Core. If you look at the cam recommendations it requires at least 9:1 or 9. 50-inch intake and exhaust valves and stock stamped-steel rockers. 7L Stage 1 RV Cam Kit Lifters Timing Chain Circle Track Camshaft Lifters Kit Chevy 350 383 292/300 IMCA Hobby Stock. I also have a pair of camel back heads and headers. you dont have to be quite that drastic but on level 4 – 6 cams you need to be geared to run a good 300 rpms better than that bottom number @ 70mph. In Corvette: Technically Speaking, the 68 cam is shown as two different values. Good street performance with stock converter, choppy idle. For about the same out-of-pocket cost of a good head rebuild, you get brand-new castings with better flow characteristics than any stock GM small-block cylinder head, and they come assembled with Rebuilt Remanufactured GM Chevy 350 5. 25 ring and pinion, automatic transmission with stock converter or four-speed manual transmission. The cam specs at 223/231 degrees at 0. 5 CR, RPM Performer intake, Quadrajet carb and block hugger headers. High Performance Cam for 1997-2007 Chevy GM LS V8 Engines without AFM-Active Fuel Management. com. , good idle, strong mid range torque. Howards Chev SB Hydraulic Roller Camshafts at Competition Products! Howards, Hydraulic Roller Camshaft, Chev SB 305/350, Howards, Hydraulic Roller Camshaft, Chev SB 305/350, Custom I own a '78 El Camino with a completely stock 1973 350 2bbl, and I'm considering a Weiand 144 blower for more power. 1500-4000 RPM Power Range. 2200 + stall converter. What Im stuck on now, is what cam to get. show more I have a stock 350 with a rochester quadrajet carb all parts stock. 5 Roller Rockers 700 Holley About How Much Hp Do U All Think It Will Make And Do U All Think I Need To Change Somethings For Racing Well if it is 60 over you will have really bad cooling trouble. Looking at cams and trying to decide between a couple: Comp 12-249-4 and 12-231-2. Jan 31, 2017 · Run with the stock flat-tappet cam, the 350 truck engine produced just 277 hp at 4,500 rpm and 352 lb-ft of torque at 3,600 rpm. org is building a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis. – 1900-6200 RPM NON-EMISSIONS version of 223/230 cam mentioned above. The compression ratio is a function of cylinder head volume in c. 7L Vortec engine. Hoyt McKagen, Careful assembly with good dimensionally accurate parts will pay dividends. Rebuilt short block, 848 head with solids. It runs well Hello All, I'm new to this thread. Not compatible with Active Fuel Management (AFM). 73 gears and 26” tires @ 100mph or 4822 rpm with 3. I ended up going to a local cam grinder and choosing a profile that beat Comp's and Crane's best (in the virtual world) for around $80. Anything more requires crutching the heads with a custom cam. NOTE: Stock valve springs in 1999-’04 big twin models can handle cams with valve lifts as high as . I have a 2701 Edelbrock preference intake eps and a 1406 Edelbrock carburetor 600-CFM. I know that the vortec heads can only take a . can be transferred to a 350/290 HP when Our Chevy 5. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. Assault Dec 18, 2019 · 350~~Smooth Idle with Good Low and Mid Range Torque 1800-2600 RPM. Hey folks, I wanted to get some opinions on the best bolt on's to wake up a stock 2 bolt 350. duration range and around . so say you have a set of good flowing heads at 300 cfm,12:1 pistons and a cam with a lift of . Awesome sounding cam. Selecting a Hydraulic Cam for your Pontiac Engine. Stock Number: 818-33. Ideal replacement for stock 350 cam. Stock # 143-0613193 - SN:11368877, MLS # 9797694 May 07, 2016 · For starters your running a cam with a tremendous amount of overlap in an internally stock 70's 350. If you pick a cam to go with a 3. sec. It has the factory 4 spd but only 3. I want something with good low end grunt but want to keep the engine virtually stock for now. A stock 350 motor can have as little as 145 horsepower and up to 370 horsepower in the LT1 model that was stock in the late 1960 Corvette. P 392. 500. Idle Quality: Smooth Idle - just like stock Good Idle - mild lump, but doesn’t impair driveability Moderate Idle - nice performance sound Fair Idle - heavy lump Rough Idle - very lumpy race type idle . Chevy SBC 283 327 350 383 400 5. It's pretty easy to get 400 HP from a Mopar 360 using mostly stock type parts. 0:1 CR. On a stock k5 blazer i want it to give me a madness idle sound and that it will do good later on with hooker headers and performance intake. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. View photos, details, and other Engines for sale on MyLittleSalesman. Hey Shoe, According to the info I picked up off the GM Parts Direct web site the 94/95 LT1 factory cam is a little different than the info from the site you got your info from. 050 valve lift w/1. 433 ex . . By erich. Going from the stock 79cc heads to the earlier 64cc will bring the CR up to around 9. carb on a 350 and got around 14-16 mpg, but the Q-jet will do 16-18 mpg with those smaller primaries. 5 or higher 280H comp. 610/0. Great cam for driveability and torque, but it definitely likes a set of gears and a bit more stall than stock. Operating power range 1000 - 3200 RPM. dart pro1 aluminum heads w/2. 3 bolt Cam. 4. Great low end cam. P but max Torque . I need help picking a good cam for my k5 blazer 1978 350 3 Answers. 480 inches). Jan 14, 2005 · What a difference from stock!! HUGE mid-range torque increase, definately stronger on the bottom and very top end. 350 Hydraulic Cam, Serious bracket cam, but still streetable with all the good stuff. 6 ratio rocker lobe seperation angle summary high energy 42-227-4 252h 800-4800 in 252 ex252 in 206 ex 206 in . Rear Main Cap. It is the one used in the 9C1 TBI 350, LB9/L98 TPI engines, and some 350 TBI trucks/Vans. World’s top manufacturer of performance camshafts, lifters, valve springs, rocker arms and related valve train parts for all race and street performance engines My friend has the same lunati . Its in my 76 3/4 ton 4x4. 433 110 degrees ideal for family sedans, good low end torque and economy,smooth idle 42-228-4 260h 1200-5200 in 260 ex 260 in 212 ex Jul 10, 2015 · This is a well-used iron 5. its got a little bit of a cam fresh stock rebuild and that's about it. Aug 03, 2009 · Typically a good street mod for the 350 is going with an RV cam, slightly higher lift and longer duration than stock. 550 the stock head is not. Once you get bit by the forced induction power you'll want more. These are the plugs that will bring you the highest level of functionality, the best firing rates and the longest lifespan per unit; saving you money in the long-term. HAVE FUN!! A 350 head can physically bolt onto a 305 block. 487 . They run very good in stock form and you might be very surprised. 0 Comp With Floated Pins Dart Iron Eagles Head 230cc 2. $189. No I don't have the cam anymore, I sold it awhile ago. The Chevy 350 engine is undoubtedly one of the most popular engines that is still used today. You need revs. 11's, 35's, probably weighs 4800lbs) with a stock GM Goodwrench 350. 2 but with the thicker head gaskets than stock you can figure on about 9. Stock valve springs cannot be used. Cant even change rear end gears due to the dyno at smog test. I ran the same cam in a 327 years before so i looked for it again for this engine. It will be OK. 515 May 13, 2013 · The best-known small block V8 in GM's stable, the Chevy 350 engine is considered one of the 20th century's best engines. It has a nice lopey idle, and plenty of low end torque. The only issue that is cam related is an idle that is a bit "lumpy" and slightly wandering (hope to make that go away with the PCMforLess treatment). Edelbrock performance Camshafts are developed as a performance matched complement to our Cylinder Heads and Intake Manifolds. Minimum 2800 stall and 3. CAME OUT OF A CALIFORNIA MUNICIPALITY TRUCK, WELL MAINTAINED. I dont know what duration size would be best, and whether or not a hydraulic roller, or hydr Note: Although several cam grinds were used in stock engines from 1999-’06, the timing specs of the 475G cams is most similar to cams used in 1999-’03 EFI engines. This is a discussion on Best cam for stock heads Daily Driver within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Whats the biggest i could go on lift/duration on a daily driver 98' A4. 1992 Silverado Sport ‘SS454 clone’ This setup is very popular especially in the 2wd trucks which led me to improve upon it using a Vortec 350 and replacing the factory roller cam with a Lunati 20080660 roller camshaft for more power and better reliability and listed that setup under my recommended engines page as engine number 2. This is for Chevy SBC 262, 283, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350, 400 C. Will work with stock valve train although we highly recommend our PE104 chrome silicon valve springs. 350" lift. Here's the push we started with a $350  To get the best performance for your application, the camshaft profile must match your head 350 Series (High Lift) | 390 Low Rocker Ratio Roller | 390 Ball Nose Hydraulic | 420 Series Level 1 indicates a good stock replacement camshaft. 0:1 "true" CR. A xe284 comp cam with 240°/246° @ . 454 lift on int and ex and 216* @. Trans had a mild shift kit in it, but stock stall. 8 Torque Now that L-79 Intake is ok and a well set up 600 Holley would work ok . Comp extreme energy #XE249H is also computer frendly and will work good. The 3/4 ton 350/4-speed trucks I've been around returned fuel economies in the teens stock with no special tuning. Which of the above heads would be best to 3 angle valve job with good springs and stainless race valves? 1984 CUMMINS BIG CAM ENGINE 350 HP for sale in Florida. with a lift at valve around . To increase torque and horsepower, we'll keep the duration short. 7L 350 Long Block Crate Engine is on sale now. 0:1 to 10. Engine Oil: 95 ft-lbs. COMP Cams CL12-211-2 S/B Chevy Magnum Cam & Lifter Kit, 1800- 5800 RPM. Stock Rebuild to OEM specs. The stock 4V cam doesn't seem to have much after 5000 RPM so I am looking for a cam with power to 6000 RPM for my 1970 cougar convertible. Easy to use parts catalog. Jan 16, 2010 · Yes, but running a 350 cam with 305 heads is not effective,you need to run 350 heads as well. 050 to be around 205 in. The original oil passageway on '67 - 69 engines will need to "plugged" at some point, either in the block or in the rocker arm mounting tower in the head. If you have a auto you will need a 3500 stall. Stock gearing is designed for that stock cam to put that power range right in the middle of the cams powerband. 010% Nickle casting. c. 630,you could get 550 hp. While his car has 2. I do have some small chamber swirl port heads off of an 87 305 chevy i was thinking of putting on to up the compresion ratio. that his Nova is still spinning a stock torque converter, TH350 trans, and a lame 8. Holley 2 barrel carb fron Langdon's stovebolt, Fenton headers, and Mallory electric distributor. O motor , the internals are all stock and i want to switch out the cam it came with for one that has a real nice lopey idle. If you are uncertain as to which cam profile best suits your needs, please contact our technical support staff at 619-661-6477. 050) in my 1990 Suburban 350 4X4 during an engine rebuild. The L98 was an important part of this legendary 350 family, bridging the gap between the old-school, carbureted Gen I engines and the modern fuel-injected LT and LS engines. 477/0. would a 375 be to much for a '72 rocket 350? 18 Answers. The cam is a simple flat-tappet hydraulic with specs that are bone-stock tame. I have no other way to go for more performance. GOOD INSPECTED TAKEOUT. The Chevy stock 350 motor had a huge decrease in performance during the 1970's fuel shortage. Does anyone have any good ideas on a good combo of intake,carbs,cam,etc,to use? ELGIN E1839P PERFORMANCE Cam Camshaft Chevy LS 350 1997-2007 . Compression 9. Best choice for “most people” using stock bottom end. These power-building kits include a hydraulic camshaft, lifters, and assembly lube. i. 5:1 compression. It is a tbi engine but i have a team g 7531 intake and a 750 holley double pump carb. You can also go with 1. 5:1 compression and a mild Comp hydraulic roller cam. Feb 06, 2004 · Although it's only a 305, it has the same stroke dimension as a 350 (3. 56 and slightly heavier vs my 2. and . Jan 21, 2014 · Put one in my buddy's fairly stock 350 that was the entry level and he's extremely happy with it. Custom computer tuning required. Camshaft . I don't racejust want a fat torque curve from idle to about 4500rpm. Find Summit Racing® Classic Cam and Lifter Kits SUM-K1103 i have a 74 camaro with stock engine i did a valve adjustment but im looking to get a good rumbling sound does eny body konws a good cam that i can what is a good cam for a chevy 350 - Hot Rod Forum : Hotrodders Bulletin Board comment: oem #3896962, 350hp, l-82, 350 mc1991 hyd 3 224 224 290 290 . The gears will be changed to 3. My first cam was an Edelbrock Performer. Lift is under a half inch, so the SA rockers should be OK. I had 3. 7 Torque The XE274H shows 364. Our high performance street cam designed for 350 engines with stock 1968-1970 or higher compression ratios. We have all the parts you need for your S/B 330-350-403 or B/B 400-425-455 Oldsmobile no matter what power level you wish to accomplish. Ditching the stock cam in favor of a hotter, compatible OE GM cam not only saves money, it also improves performance. The motor has a mild cam, flat top pistons, and 1. If they mouth isn't big enough/open enough to benefit the higher flow the cam is capable of, the lungs can't really suck any more air in on high demand. You also can buy a brand new 350 for $2000 from GM Performance which includes shipping to where ever you want it to go in the Lower 48. Edelbrock performer cam and intake. 0L 5. The first column contains the intended use or application category. 480/. 6 ratio roller tip rockers with that cam to gain even more torque. I need a good size cam for good power when i need it and good lope sound not heavy to cruise with. Jan 23, 2014 · Putting thumpr cam in small block 350? even if it was a good cam. Outside of this, there is just not much more you can do without taking the engine apart, and adding other goodies. With 3. Dont need a cam that makes power beyond 5000 RPM. Since I can't seem to find standard Vortec heads in any of the dyno lists I'm guessing they are not a good option unless modified. Copper head and base gaskets make the top end cooler but must be used with sealer or they always weep. 42 gear with a 2600 rpm stall. 575" Lift 286° Dur - $278. 578/. 00. I would like to get somewhere between 350 to 400hp from it without changing the heads. that is why it's good to . The 3702 Performer cam is ground in favor of the exhaust, so if you have heads that don't flow well on the exhaust side, it should run considerably better than a stock cam even though "by the numbers" there's not a lot more lift or duration than a stocker. It also increases the risk of a broken valve spring which sometimes they're won't be any damage, other times it'll damage the piston and the valve and in a worse case scenerio it'll drop the valve. Stock # 240-0724199 - SN:11097283, MLS # 9847177 1983 CUMMINS BIG CAM II ENGINE 350 HP for sale in Florida. I can see the 262 as a nice cam for a 4x4 i am running one quite similar in a 350 and like it. Carburetion, Induction, Nitrous - Whats the biggest shot of nos will a stock 350 2 bolt take? - Due to smog laws here in calif. stock 350 heads are 72 or 74 cc Asked in GM and GMC, Chevy 305, Chevy 350 Yes, but running a 350 cam with 305 heads is not effective,you need to run 350 heads as well. I had an 83 Silverado with 305, automatic with lockup converter, and 3. 480 lift or so. c's, ("stock" can vary 6 to 8 c. 305 TPI to 350 TPI Conversion. here's the deal. 480, and the XE268H has a little more than that, but I know of many engines that have that combo and are OK years later. and 1. The limit for a street car would be a full race cam of 1. As I recall, from 82 to about 86 or 87, the 1/2 ton Chevy/GMC could only be had with a 305. The truck crawls just fine (NV4500->Orion), but getting up the hills on the freeway is embarrassing. 480-. I don't know about towing, but the low end in that motor was great. Good choice for heavy towing. The engine is good for high 12's in a properly prepped car, so it has plenty of grunt. I don't know a lot about the heads or lift/flow numbers, sounds like he's the guy to talk to about that. Now if you're just looking to breath some new life into a tired old truck, a LT1 hot cam, headers, ECM tune (few places still do it for TBI's), under or over drive pulleys and some cheap mods to the TBI are a good start (Look up Ultimate TBI 350 Cams I had a 350 and went through the same things that you are. 99. In this build, a tight budget is called for. Thanks for the add, I have a mild built sbc 350 out of a 1971 c10 that I put in my 1998 jeep wrangler. This is a great cam. 420 104 104 idle-5000 stock 817 n comment: good low and mid-range torque and pulling power roller cam for engines originally equipped with roller cam torque cam mc22128 hyd 2 210 214 273 277 . 478 107 117 1500-4000 smooth 2148 b, n comment: good torque and mileage Re: How big is too big? (sbc cam) I used Desktop Dyno a great deal before turning a wrench. I was thinking of throwing on some aluminum heads with a smaller chamber bump the comp and matching a cam. 050" lift. current cams specs are 435/460 and duration is 212/222 @. If you want a higher performance 350 then the easiest thing to do is to buy a remanufactured hi-performance 350 long block since those are dirt cheap. We help you find the heavy duty truck parts that you need. 350hp@5200 rpm 400 lb/ft torque at 3500 this same cam is also used in the HT 383 engine 325hp@4500rpm 415 lb/ft torque @ 3500rpm Sep 07, 2015 · Presuming no forced induction (which is not as troublesome as some think). "Stock" compression in a Mopar can run from 7. Chevrolet started production on this robust 5. Need Cummins 350 Big Cam Engine Assy Parts? Check out 14 Cummins 350 Big Cam Engine Assy Parts for sale. Sometimes it's difficult trying to explain to fellows who are new to hot rodding that you have to match the characteristics of the camshaft to the static compression ratio of the motor along with the operating range where the cam makes power. 6 ex valves and 1. 7 engine out of a 98' K1500. has a new top end and some bolt ons. 73 gears. 050 I think the LSA is 112. 0 to 1 or less. need more info to give you a better answer. 488 107 117 2000-5500 rough 817 b comment: good mid torque. it runs like a champ and has smoked every truck that i have raced so far. Smooth idle. The engine is stock as far as I know. Designed by Ed Cole's group at Chevrolet to provide a more powerful engine for the 1955 Corvette than the model's original " Blue Flame" in-line six, the 162 hp (121 kW) 2-barrel debut version went from drawings to production in just 15 weeks. 99 Will this cam work in my stock 350 small block? I plan on  Good results with Vortec 350 heads on a TBI setup with the stock 1996 LT4 Would a chevy performance cam 220/230 be a good cam with the heads ive  Buy Chevy 283 305 327 350 400 Replacement Cam & Lifter Kit (stock replacement): Cam & Lifter Kits - Amazon. 0L Displacement, 6 Cylinder Inline, Engine Serial # 11605322, Stock # 2074 Engine is Test Run & Inspected Internally. Parts availability is almost as good as the small-block Chevy, if a little more expensive. GM advertised the stock springs are good to . When time to smog. 3L motor I am building with stock heads, stock 9. Dec 22, 2001 · My question is really whether the stock Vortec heads with a cam lift under . I have two questions: what is the best cam to use with stock heads? & what is the best cam to use with heads good Nov 16, 2005 · I am looking for a good cam choice for my 87' GMC 1500, 350, 700r4. If you are looking to convert your car from a 305 TPI to a 350 TPI setup, then you should find the information below rather useful. Best fuel economy cam with correct equipment. Re: Cam Specs for Chev 350 sb boy, you guys came up with more specs than I ever expected. I need help with my carb. I have a stock 351w 2bbl out of an econoline van,ha ha ,yeah try not to laugh I got it for nothing . And the 350 being the Chevy small-block 350 pushrod V8. It also works with most overdrive transmissions and chevy guys: estimated cost of building a 350? if not as good as stock), and you can get good mileage with the edelbrock carb. 0:1 compression, and small stock heads. 94/1. 030 flat top pistons. 6 gold race roller rockers with comp cams springs and guide plates. 70 to 3. The numbering system and ratings are confusing. 480-inch valve lift with 110 degree lobe separation angle), roller-tipped rockers, and the Vortec heads. The same cam won’t work real well in both scenarios. 050. 550ish but only with the beehive springs and 787 retainers. 510 lift. Put it on TDC and re-installed the rocker arm and turned the engine over with the key a couple of rotations. Higher performance versions of factory engines in models such as the Corvette and Camaro typically have the highest-rated engines, and can be good "models" for the foundation of a high performance engine. An AFM delete kit and/or disabling the AFM through the ECM is required. The stock stick must have been seriously mild to produce those numbers. Sure a better flowing head will make more hp but you want to test the waters first. 00 Canadian. Jun 11, 2012 · Hey guys, Im building a custom SBC 383 stroker. to GM Hot Cam and Crane 846 cam. Also works well with his stock TH350 trans. This cam makes serious Power. 2 H. This cam has a useable RPM range of 1000 to 5500 RPM, gets good gas mileage, and makes a great RV or towing cam. The best cam for normal use is a stock cam. I've gotten well over 20mpg with mine. 574 110 LSA. Mar 11, 2015 · 350 Lineage: The first Gen I 350 appeared in the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro and became the most widely used small block of all time. $139. I avoid the AFB-style carbs like the Edelbrock 1404 or 1406- good for general purpose or mild cruising, but will starve for fuel in hard turns because of the side bowl design. So your working with large chamber heads and dished pistons so compression is low and low compression and large overlap don't get along to well. biggest cam for stock stall? This is a discussion on biggest cam for stock stall? within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I know i know i know,im not anti stall converter but i dont feel like spending the extra grand right Dec 05, 2004 · With stock heads, you'd limit yourself. 472 lift cam in his 79 Cadillac Seville and I agree it's probably too much. I have a FJ46 (extra-cab, flat bed, SOA, NV4500, Orion, 4. I am building a vortec 350 to swap into my truck, all I need now is the cam and then the motor can be put together. 73 rear and it turns out you have a 2. Engine Oil: 120 ft-lbs. I use my truck mainly for camping and hauling my 9ft pop up camper. 617-inch lift on the intake and exhaust with a 112 degree lobe separation angle. This size cam would still work well with peanut port heads and an rpm range of idle to 5000. May 14, 2007 · I'm new here! I used a comp Cam with 305 D and 525 lift. 050-inch tappet lift and 0. SBC 350 pushrod length I decided to check pushrod lengths by taking off the #1 exhaust roller rocker and marking the top of the valve with a sharpie. To that end, use stock self aligning rockers. It is obvious that if the rebuilder did give me a automotive engine instead a marine, the cam would be much smaller. I'd just leave it in there, however I am swapping to a set of vortec l31 062 heads which I cannot have more than a certain amount of lift Re: Chevy RV cam I had a '69 Chevelle with a 350/350 in it. I downloaded the . about 10:1 compression. This is a good first step, but let's take the time to find out why. I would recommend a good blower cam also when you put the blower on. Now it's going to be for street Performance . I need help picking a cam for my 87 350 engine. And as for racing with that cam you can't turn the rpm to be Smooth stock type idle. 4- The first thing to do in selecting a cam is to determine top speed in high gear. Getting 350 HP from a 350 Chevy is a no-brainer. Ideal for medium-sized engines (300-350 ci) that require good low-speed torque. of the valve train will yank the stock press-in rocker studs out of the heads so fast you Dec 31, 2016 · What is total timing for a 350 vortec with a stock cam - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 6 rockers but other than that its stock, stock heads, stock intake, and a holley street demon carb. The CompCams part number for this cam is 08-411-8 and the cam grind number is X4260HR. It is an Energizer cam with . You have a good start, but certain areas need attention. Our online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions are led from the bottom up by thousands of volunteer organizers in over 188 countries. Good HP/TQ through out and a very usable power band. The 76cc chamber cast-iron heads (casting number 83417368) are fitted with 1. 050, the intake is an edelbrock performer rpm intake Factory 350 CI engines are commonly designed to produce up to 300 or more horsepower. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY Roll over image to zoom in Best Sellers Rank, #975,154 in Automotive (See Top 100 in Automotive) 7 May 2016 recently wiped a cam lobe on a 77 sbc 350 (c10)decided it needed a I just wanted the thing with a nice low lumpy idle, that would get me  1 Jan 2004 It is recommended to run higher then stock stall and to run 3. 600 Carter carb and stock manifolds sparked off by an HEI dizzy. 60 64cc With . It currently has a performer EPS intake with edelbrock 650 thunder avs carb, msd ignition and long tubes. Excellent street cam, giving 20 HP increase over stock cams. Get a decent cam (no Dec 28, 2008 · For a good towing motor, look for dur@. 5:1 to 10. I wanted a nasty sounding cam while maintaining driveability. This cam is the next step up from the cam Adam mentioned (also a good choice) and I wouldn't recommend going any larger in an otherwise stock Vortec truck engine, especially if computer controlled. Most 70's-80's smog era 350's would have had cams in the 230-240 adv. But it has some lope to it so i did not bring it up. Choose one of the categories below to narrow down your search, or scroll through it all if you want to browse. However, ANY quality aftermarket camshaft kit will be a SIGNIFICANT improvement over the stock cam and timing chain. In order to benefit from a 350 cam you need something to flow that extra fuel and air, so using 350 heads along side of the 350 cam will be the cheapest and best choice. 0 lift, but these are solid lifter cams and will cause the engine to shake, and the whole car to shake and would not pass any smog test. 050 duration and 0. The 68 cam shown may actually be a non-Corvette item. 7L 7. This cam installed easily with no modifications with the stock 1. Quantity: 1. Melling MTC-1 RV Torque Camshaft & Lifters Kit compatible with 1958-95 Chevy SBC 283 307 327 350 400 For all Small Block Chevy flat tappet (non-roller) engines. Sep 17, 2015 · It’s common for the budget conscious gearhead to source a high performance OEM LS camshaft to increase the power output of their LS powered vehicle. I was thinking that I could bolt on the blower and make some decent numbers until I get enough saved up for free flowing heads and a better cam. . The mid level needs good heads and a higher stall to really work. 73 gears inn mine with a 700r4, and a stock 350 basically. After upgrading to the XE268H cam and new lifters and springs, the power output jumped to 343 hp and 381 lb-ft For instance a “true street” cam in a 350 will act like a “street and tow” cam in a 400. Dec 16, 2009 · I've run a Holley 750 vac. Gut tells me that significant gains can be had with good custom PCM tweeking. The table below will help you select the right camshaft for your Pontiac engine. COMP Cams CL12-211-2 S/B Chevy Magnum Cam & Lifter Kit, 1800-5800 RPM I'm looking to put this cam in a stock 86 305 converted to a 600 edlebrock. oldsmobile camshafts available from the aftermarket: comp cam: cam part # grind# rpm range advertised duration duration @ . Sounds good, but not much low end torque. Used 1985 CUMMINS 350 Big Cam Engine For Sale In Ucon, Idaho. A cold air intake system will always help too. 50 to one. As far as the heads, your stock ones will work fine as the blower does all the forcing of the air in to the chambers. I need help picking a good cam for my k5 blazer 1978 350 3 Answers I have a 2701 Edelbrock preference intake eps and a 1406 Edelbrock carburetor 600-CFM. Making 300hp on a 350 chevy is trivial. Currently i have a chevy crate motor which is a 350 H. Thanks and I do owe some of you for all of the typing. And as for racing with that cam you can't turn the rpm to be I Have A 350 Bored 60 Over Speed-pro Pistons10. 350. Warning!!! If you are using ARP bolts, you must use Need Cummins Big Cam Engine Assy Parts? Check out 71 Cummins Big Cam Engine Assy Parts for sale. Sep 01, 2004 · What is the stock lift on our lt1 cam's. If not, it's throwing power out the window due loss of valve control. I replaced the stock cam with an R/V type cam (204/214 lift at . Two part numbers are listed and so there may actually be two cams. So, that’s what we set about doing with our 65,000-mile ’96 5. New Quality Hand-Built in America Chevy 350 Small Block Engines for Sale for Your Street Performance Hot Rod, Muscle Car, or Classic Truck! Available in Short Block, Long Block, and Custom Crate Engine Packages. These are all the needed changes to do the conversion. I reccomend mathcing valve springs for your cam pick as the stock GM springs are quite spongy and will contribute to a very early valve float. 7L/350 Camshaft Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Aug 01, 2008 · Comp Cams offers hundreds of potential cams for specific engine families. if i were to put a new cam in my olds 350 rocket, would a 375 be to much? i want the car to sound good but its a daily driver & i dont want it to swallow gas by the gallon. Don't get me wrong 350's have potential, but dollar for dollar the LS will save you in the long run. with a stock cast crank, rods and cast . Strong Torque and Good Mileage in 327 thru 400 Engines with High Axle Ratios. Running a Performer intake with Quadrajunk on top. also want it to to be the highest in performance without further repairs. In order to benefit from Jul 12, 2016 · When it comes to making cheap and easy power with almost any V-8, it’s hard to beat a camshaft swap. I have decided to put in a bigger cam just to try it out. My plan is then to take it and put it in the 93 4cly notchback that i own. My neighbor says that he has a friend that is selling a 400 small block for $300, I read that with that engine you can get a lot of power out of it I want to hear some of your guys thoughts on it. I. Likes high axle ratios. Flat tappet hydraulic cam, stock self aligning (SA) rockers, some head work for better springs. Here is an analogy- cam is like your lungs, your mouth is like the heads. 398 . VALVE LIFT Bolts or Parts: Lube or Sealer: Torque to: Main Caps. 2-inch ring gear   27 Feb 2007 What cam would be best for towing?? I was looking at a summit, and they have several options available. and camshaft lube. 7 H. GS-350-113. Limited oval May 20, 2008 · What cam and heads are good for a street performance 350? My 78 El Camino has a 1973 350 2 barrel and I want to throw on better heads, put in a hotter cam, and throw on a 4 barrel setup. Just want everyones opinion on a good cam for my 350. Stock cam and springs are robust combo and will make real good power under the right carbs and pipes. I Have A 350 Bored 60 Over Speed-pro Pistons10. 94 heads and stock valve springs and lifters. 5:1, so, using "stock" is a good way to make a bad mistake. Fair 1980s Chevy truck with 350 will mean a 3/4 ton truck. Nov 05, 2011 · horse power comes from 3 basic components,the CFM flow of the heads,the comprssion ratio of the pistons,and the lift of the cam shaft. I have a 1930 Model A couple with a small block Chevy 350. Best cam for stock heads Daily Driver. P 398. 30 Jul 2013 I have a 1995 tahoe with the tbi 350 and I want to put cam in it nothing crazy just something to give it a nice sound n maybe give it a little more  Vans, pickups, 4WD & towing, in 350 c. 90 DAY WARRANTY I have a set of 882`s 76 cc heads that came off from a 77 monte carlo 350 pn 3970014 2 bolt main . A-Team Performance Small Block Big Block EFI TBI Distributor 1987-1997 5. Buick 350 Small Block Dyno2000 Files What is all this? : The following cam files are for Buick 350 engines, there is a cam file and an image showing the dyno output from Desktop Dyno 2000. Intended for stock or near-stock engines and drive trains, 8. 7 1987 surburban 2 bolt main block. 2:1 compression with the stock wimpy cam. (Stock, daily driver, street-strip, etc) The other columns to the right, contain the intake duration of a cam at . 02 int. Oct 11, 2007 · I would advise a new cam, lifter, & spring kit from Comp Cams, but you did say stock 350, so I won't go there. It's 4500lbs with a stock converter, 3. the car is (3200 lbs chevelle, 2500 stall and th350) I would be getting a Nov 23, 2011 · I did some cam checks on this engine . 060 over tells me not much. The 265 cu in (4. This cam is a good all-around cam for family sedans and a great performance cam for turbocharged V6 and V8 engines. cam th350 2200 stall < flash to 2800 > 26"x9" radials 23 Oct 2019 If you are looking for the best camshaft for your 350 Chevy vehicles, then you know it can be tough to find one with so many options available  14 Jul 2016 Show us another engine that will deliver 70 hp with a simple cam swap! Keep looking we'll wait. Mild to choppy idle. 00 to one gears. Jul 08, 2010 · i have a chevy 350 5. 7 liter 1967. Like I said, lot's of confusion. My combo was 3. 563, OEM vortec it's more like . I used the Comp Cams 255 DEH Dual Energy cam kit on my engine. This is where I'm at with my 235 in an AD truck. vongeist - Sunday, September 06, 2009 7:52 AM: Hi guys, I need some help understanding the Cummins Big Cam engines. 5:1 compression, 2. 3 truck engine is a great example. The only thing I could offer you is a stock 6. The rest is stock except for pertronix ignition and coil and a Holley 750 VS carb. I also have a set of heads with the center bolt valve covers that came off from a 5. All I have to do is pull the plate off and hide the lines. pdf file from the library and read it but I am still confused. What good will a mild cam do in my 350? Hey yall, Just putting together a list of upgrades for my 72 Chevy and I want to know the pros and cons of a camshaft. Anything bigger is overkill. it has 186k on it. Any cam that's above stock should use the matching springs. Sep 29, 2005 · I just checked in my GMPP books and these exact specs are from the cams used in the 350 hp Ramjet 350, the RJ 350 uses the LT4 rollerrockers. I bought an 88 Chevy truck, the truck has a STOCK 350 motor, Edelbrock intake, and aftermarket air filter with OF COURSE a Holley Street avenger 770 CFM Carb (08770-1) which is a 4150 if I have done my research correct. 507/. The XE268H showed to be that cam 359. In general, items such as motor mounts, accessory drives, exhaust manifolds, etc. In the article, the EQ vortec are good to 0. May 14, 2009 · im wanting to know the stock cam specs for my 1985 chevy 305 what is the stock lift & duration on a 1990 chevy 350 truck! what is a good mild rv cam to use lift Changing the cam while leaving the rest of the system stock may give you a lumpy idle but overall your performance, mileage, and driveability may suffer. 350 SBC L31 heads. Edelbrock is the most respected name in performance! Since 1938, Edelbrock has manufactured its core products in the USA for quality and performance. 's) deck height, gasket thickness and piston deck height. 3 L) "Turbo-Fire" V8 was the first Chevrolet small-block, although the first Chevrolet V8 was produced from 1917 to 1918. 20 horsepower over the factory GS Matching cam to compression ratio. It's not a factory cam. 465 107 117 2000-5500 fair 817 b comment: good low to mid torque. You can figure that for each 25 to 30 inches over 350-inches displace- ment, the cam will act as if it is about 6- degrees shorter. **551 cams are not recommended with compression ratio of 10:1 or higher. This will definately wake up that motor and with a cam, 4bbl, and dual exhaust you should get 250 HP net easily as long as the bottom end is in good shape. I'm wondering how much I would gain with a 3/4 cam from Patrick's Antique auto parts. 73 The difference would be 3529 rpm with 2. Should be 9. This mild combo would include a stock intake manifold with a four-barrel carburetor, 8. mc5892 hyd 4 224 234 290 300 . Engine Jan 26, 2019 · It offers 10 more cubic inches than the popular 350 Chevy, along with shaft-mounted rocker arms and a better rod ratio. Correct? Dec 09, 2007 · I'd say that you're about right. The rest is like you stated though, good power, good idle vacuum. the only way to tell is to check it with a dial indicator. 8. - Hot Rod Magazine Apr 16, 2009 · Cam And ValvetrainAs good as the Vortec heads are for a production-based head, they still poop out at around 350 hp. It's a two bolt 69' model 350 block that is . $187. Its really just a 350 block that has been made to accomodate a longer stroke crank if you guys havent heard of it. I was using an Edelbrock performer intake with a somewhat modified quadrajet. mc22113 hyd 1 194 204 270 278 . if you have goods heads and exhust. with strong torque and good mileage for 327 to 400 C. 226/232 . Sought after for its durability, quiet operation and performance, the 350 has also earned a reputation for reliability and usability in a variety of applications, including boats. I was thinking mid to high 300's would be good. Using the pistons advertised compression ratio can be very misleading too. 73 gears it ran mid 15s, now it's probably low to mid 16s, his is probably 17s. Find Summit Racing® Classic Cam and Lifter Kits SUM-K1103 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! From low-end torque to top-end horsepower--and everything in between--one of our Summit® Classic cam kits has you covered. 030 over. The T/F cam would be much better suited to Trick Flow heads. This motor stood the test of time for three decades and and be found in every General Motors division except for Saturn. I have a 1988 Trans am that I want to turn into a drag car and I have a 350 Small Block in it now that I recently pulled to rebuild. That is the biggest cam I would use on a stock engine. The 252H cam is a good replacement cam for OE that works with most stock valvetrain components. and 215 ex. 42 gearing. 5. Good low end torque in 1600 - 2000 RPM range. I want it to b Find CHEVROLET 5. Lighter parts, and better flow (of air and fuel). The 65-67 L79 350 hp cam and the 68 L79 350 hp cam are shown the same in some documents and different in others. It can probably be assmed this is not the very good 350hp 327 cam. a stock vortec head is only good to . The cast iron 5. 93 gears, my stock cam 350 is a lot quicker than his car. Works with stock gears. I pulled the cam, and tried to run the casting numbers off of it with no luck. So I'm in the middle of rebuilding a 350 for my car. So you will want a Camshaft that will give you good H. Sep 05, 2018 · Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you and searched across the market to pull together the five best spark plugs for your Chevy 350 available today. 42 gears for B body. 450 will make 300-350 HP with 9. Now I have an irregular and rough idle - sometimes stumbling and pulsing with (GOOD USED) 1990 Cummins Big Cam 4 Diesel Engine For Sale, CPL#838, 350HP @ 1800RPM, NH/NT 855, 14. so just because the block is bored . As a quick overview, the engine is a stock bottom-end GM Goodwrench 350 supplied by Scoggin-Dickey with a Comp Cams 268 Xtreme Energy camshaft (224/230 degrees at 0. biggest cam for use w/ stock converter. The dyno images are setup to load in individual windows so that you can keep 2 or more windows open at the same time to see the performance differences Dec 08, 2011 · 400 has lower compression than 350 and runs higher boost. 0L cam 196/207-479/467-116, but that would be a waste of your $$, even though I'd only ask like $25 for it lol. Comparable to Comp 467 XFI cam. May 17, 2011 · My truck needs some more powerit's a stock 94 350 TBI. im not sure if its worth building up or just get a new engine for the truck. and thought while I was at it I should do a good cam swap. Lets say that I want to make 350+ horsepower, what would have to be done to achieve this. what would be a good cam for a stock 350